Disaster Management in India

Shubham jain

5/27/20241 min read

danger high voltage signage
danger high voltage signage

Disaster Management in India :

In India Disaster Management has always been a very sidelined topic . Due to high population density and majority stuck with their daily schedule we forget the importance . Though in school or work places there are hints of Disaster Management but seen people running away from awareness & avoiding it till the Disaster happens

Rajkot fire , Delhi fire . Loss of life from Heat waves , Papua new guinea landslide etc . Disaster Management is must . Cyclone Remal and earthquake high risk belt of Bangladesh delta etc

I at Indianhelpline.com was first website to integrate disaster management helpline way back in 2017 - https://indianhelpline.com/floods-disaster-helpline

Even after conducting various events i feel the cycle is same . from summers & water scaricity in april - may . To floods & landslide in June - July - August .

We constantly try to make people aware and try to assist by sharing information by government agencies like N.D.R.F , N.D.M.A , S.D.R.F and Municipalities . Tough digitally Government of India has done great development in last 5 years like testing ERSS system flash message on mobile . making & equipping safety mechanism . Centralized helpline 112 and revamp of I.M.D providing advance weather forecast . But we belive more social enterprise is needed in this sphere who create and make affordable Disaster Management kits reach each home .

Because Each life matters . Indianhelpline.com is always open to collaborate with all such initiatives weather its first aid box to radio which are cheap n affordable.

Healthcare & Disaster Management are integrated as you will see water borne disease rising with summers & floods . Vegetation & climate change directly affecting people life and so it affects economy and household budget . Rains disrupting mumbai is something everyone is aware of . So lets equip ourself with precautions like through mask we came over covid 19 , similarly we could overcome this by preventive & awareness mechanism.

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Exclusive insight by Shubham Jain ( Founder - Indianhelpline.com )